Forget Focus and Live!

Map  It’s day three on my blog about retirement. A new life has begun and things are going to change.

Moving through life without the burden of scheduled work has allowed me to rethink my daily life. So many people have told me that they thought they would have lots of time to get into the studio, read tons of books, work out, or pursue new goals. What they thought would happen when they stopping working  and the reality  of retirement were very , very different.  Retired people fill their days with scheduled events and activities that take on a life of their own.

That’s not going to be me!

Get to work

When I worked each day I had a list of things to accomplish. Often that list would be written down or posted on a calendar. Today I just don’t focus. I am starting my days out on my patio reading me emails, sipping coffee, looking through the news, blogs, “Pinterest“, etc….

 If an idea pops into my head, I pursue it. Maybe I go down my studio and sew. I might decide to go to the gym or work on my new computer  to understand Windows 8 or maybe shop online for a new camera. There is always TED lecture or maybe a movie I can download .

The list is gone.

I no longer place value on getting things done. 

It would seem a life without direction would lack value. Without focus, without aiming for a goal you would not accomplish anything. Your productivity would go down.

On Target Here is the weird thing I found out after letting go of the normal pattern of work behavior:  I accomplish more!.

Yes I get more done by just letting go of focused tasks and acting when I feel the urge. Without  looking at the clock I am able to devote the time to task without rushing through it. I actually go to the gym more often when I don’t think about how often I should go to the gym. When I am in my sewing studio I allow myself to stop before I plow through to finish project. I get more pleasure from what I do and the quality is better.

My advice: Stop aiming for a goal. Stop replacing the schedule of work with a schedule of activities. You will be happier and (surprise!) more productive.