Planning for the “Call for Entry”

It’s Southern Nevada in the Summer

It’s Hot!
100, 106, 115, 118, ……

monte Carlo I have just returned from a trip around the Mediterranean where the weather, the people and scenery couldn’t have been more relaxing. It was the perfect trip.

Now I have to get back to reality. 

The business of being a studio art quilter requires me to submit work to calls for entry. These calls are my vehicle to share my work with a larger community. There are two types of calls: open and directed (or theme driven). When I returned home from this trip, I picked two open calls and two themed calls to work on during the hot summer. (It’s kind of like quilting when it’s zero outside and snowing!)

I have process.

20160618_092123 Step one: Print out 2-4 proposals. I select calls to consider from regularly checking sites like SAQA’s call for entry page, the SAQA  regional blog for my area, blogs and social media groups. I also keep a list of shows that I have entered in the past on my google drive with a link to a web page.

20160618_090529 Step Two: I update my white board calendar with current dates.  Next I list the calls I want to enter with deadlines. When I have an appointment I add this to the board.  It is important for me to look realistically at what I can accomplish that will allow me a big enough window to really create something that will add to my portfolio whether or not the work get’s accepted to a particular call.

Step Three: I comb through my  selection of images.  Often have some of these images are already printed on fabric.  If I don’t have anything printed on hand, I look through my digital files, print them on my home printer and make an image selection from there.

My collection of  images have a rich subtext. This allows me to connect with a themed exhibit or create something outstanding for an open call. Next I begin the process of matching potential projects with a call for entry.

Potential entry for H2Oh!

Potential entry for H2Oh!

Reading and rereading the prospectus is  important. So is spending time looking at the jurors websites, reading any information about the venue and finding google images of previous shows. The goal to find a “good” (not perfect) fit with my personal aesthetic.

After I have done my research I put images on my design wall or spread then on my work table. Inevitably an image just seems to standout. Occasionally I select subject matter just happens to match the title of the show (see example below). More often, in reading a theme or looking at a juror’s statement I make a conceptual connection.  When I am on the right track I can easily write an artist statement in my head about the piece before I have begun to work on it.

H2Oh! in progress

H2Oh! in progress

In case you are interested here are the calls for entry I am looking at:

Quilt=Art=Quilt:  Open call. Schweinfurth Art Center in Auburn NY
Quilt National: Open call. Dairy Barn Arts Center, Athen OH
Layered Voices: Themed show. (SAQA) International Quilt Study Center, Lincoln NB
H2Oh!: Themed show (SAQA)  National Quilt Museum, Paducah KY
Sacred Threads:  Themed show, held outside Washington DC.

Do I think I will get into all or even any of these shows?
No idea.
It does not matter.
What matters is adding to my body of work. 
Challenging myself technically and intellectually.
I really can’t lose. 

Until next time……


You can find my work at:
Textile Museum at George Washington University
"Diaspora: Stories of Migration"
through September 4th

New Legacies
Lincoln Center 
Ft. Collins, CO
July 5th - September 3rd
Join me at the Opening Friday July 8th 5-7

SAQA Benefit Auction
Bidding starts September 16th

International Quilt Festival – Houston, TX: October 2016    
International Quilt Festival – Chicago, Illinois: April 2017 

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