Word of the year: NAP

From 1939 Life Magazine

From 1939 Life Magazine

Like many people who read blogs, I have been reading a slew of posts about the “New Years Resolution” . Many are a list of predictable goals healthy, stay active, lose 10 lbs, exercise, etc….

My favorite post is from Retire in Style

” How to completely change nothing”.

The writer in this post says  “I like my life so much that I am not going to mess with anything.”

Jimmy   I am not so settled into my new life that I can announce with confidence that; I am not in need of little change.

(My dog Jim is the only one I can say has reached this stage of development.)

Several blogs I follow have announced their

word of the year


The Blue Twig Studio word of the year is “Connect”.  I like the idea of focusing on a word the describes a an area of your life (or the life of your business) that you want to focus on in the coming year.

So I chose a word of the year that fits my current year of transition from work to retirement:




sleep The definition of nap is to sleep during the day.



It has been many years (maybe since before I went to school) when I could chose to take a break during the day: to take time to sit and do nothing. Believe or not this is a big challenge for me.  I am not used to just taking a break.; in fact I feel guilty not doing something!



So this year I am going to nap. I am going to not do something. I am going to give my mind and my body a chance to rest during “working hours”. My goal is to reset my ingrained work clock and allow myself to embrace the art of not doing something.

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