2021 has Finally Arrived!

Like many of us, I am glad to be moving forward.

Exhibitions were cancelled.

My art quilt retreat refunded my money.

Lectures went virtual.

Workshops became “Zoom” groups.

It’s not all bad.


I tried an Etsy Shop and found that my work was lost in an ocean of other sellers.

I also placed fabric on Spoonflower but didn’t find my niche.

My efforts at booking in person workshops and lectures fizzled

Quilts accepted into AQS shows were returned unseen.

What has been surprisingly successful was my online class:

Photo 2 Fabric.

As a retired art teacher, putting together a class is definitely within my skill set. I want to share what I know and build up the community of art quilters.

My approach is different from a typical quilt project class. I provide a framework for  people to build their confidence in making their own design choices. My job as a teacher is to facilitate learning. To support students ideas and not to set hard and fast rules.  My goal is to have students become independent of me and my process. When students understand and apply core design concepts they can follow their own path to achieve their desired results.

I don't want to provide a set of instructions to follow.

I want to present a wide array of possibilities. 

Yesterday I posted my latest class. It’s super fun.

Photo 2 Fabric: On the Go!.

This course uses your phones’ photo editing software and  Picsart. Picsart is one of my "go to" phone apps. In Picsart there is a set of filters called Magic. This group of 30+ filters can totally transform any photograph. It took me several weeks to put together a series of presentations. Along the way, I learned so much and hope that my discoveries will inspire others. 

Whatever I do, I am constantly thinking to myself “Where will this lead me?” That is the gift given by this tumultuous year. Plans were set aside but new possibilities appeared. There have been many days at home, but very few days where I wasn't challenged to figure something out. Looking back, it may have been the year I rediscovered my passion for teaching. 

I want to wish everyone a wonderful and creative New Year.

I’ll leave you with a few quotes to inspire your journey in 2021. 

Until next time....

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.

―  Pablo Picasso

More important than a work of art itself is what seeds it will sow.

―  Joan Miro

If I create from the heart, nearly everything works

―  Marc Chagall