Art Services

Turn a Treasured Photograph into Fabric!

Digital Design Service 
Let me turn your photograph into an image ready to be printed on fabric. If you live in the greater Saint George Area or are willing to travel here, you can meet with me at my home or I will come to yours.

Not in Southern Utah? 
Pictures can be attached to an email and I will send you an image ready to be printed onto fabric with specific instructions on how to order your fabric. For an additional fee I can order your fabric and have it shipped to your door via FEDEX.

Basic Fee: $20 per hour (minimum 1 hour)
For that fee, I will format your picture to a size that will print on a yard of fabric, adjust color, contrast and improve the overall quality.

If you want to go further than printing a photograph; we can use digital manipulation software to make you photograph look like a painting, drawing or even a cartoon. Additional per hour charges may apply. 


Together we do so much to make this a "real work of art".


































Vintage Family Photograph
Vintage Family Photograph
Photograph from Camera Phone
Photograph from Camera Phone