Artist Statement

Metaphysical Quilter
 Creating art that goes beyond the physical to express layers of thought.


Metaphysics is a school of philosophy which questions the nature of the mind. This term was first mentioned in the title of a treatise by Aristotle. The meta-physical refers to transcending the physical. 

A quilter is creating an object with multiple layers that is held together with stitch. 

Art is a spiritual and intellectual process. Creating serves as doctor, professor, therapist, and confidant. My subject is always connected to my life. Most of my work includes a figurative element. My source material ranges from vintage family pictures, stock photos, to cell phone snapshots. Taking cues from both surrealism and contemporary portraiture, I use photo manipulation to convey complex ideas and compositions with layered imagery. 

I believe the enemy of the creative process is limitation. Neither tools nor rules hinder  me from making what I envision.   My art is  not restricted by any single genre, medium, school or process. It  is an authentic expression of who I am, my beliefs, and my view of the larger world.