Building the Dream Craft Table….

One of my goals when I retired was to create a dream studio.

As my readers know, I sold my big house in Colorado and moved into a vacation property in Mesquite Nevada.
Of course my new studio/room is half the size of my old  basement studio but I am convinced that with the right storage and efficient workspace my studio will live up to the dream.


A major part of my creative space is my work table. This is where I work on my designs. It is place I paint, draw, cut fabric, glue, print, etc…..

At the last minute I decided to move the cutting table I had purchased at Joannes and the cutting mat which fit the table perfectly so I would have somewhere to work until I ordered my dream table.

craft table


I started shopping for my dream table online and found many wonderful tables.

The tables that were top of the line where heavy and expensive.

(Yes there was a work table for $3000!)

There were also tables that were more reasonably priced but had to be assembled. Most of these were in the $1000 range.



Money was not the only issue. The dream table would have to accommodate my large cutting mat and be the same height as my cutting table. I wanted storage with the table but  was not willing to have a heavy and hard to move piece of furniture.

(The wheels on the cutting drive me crazy because the table always seems to move a little.)


So I had no choice but to build the “dream” table myself.


The first step was to kept what I loved and get  rid of what I didn’t like. I took off the top of the cutting table and set aside the cutting mat. The metal legs with wheels hit the dumpster. Next I searched for bookshelves, cubby’s, storage, etc… until I found a storage unit that was the height I wanted, could support the tabletop, was not too heavy and reasonably priced.



I found just the right solution on Amazon Prime: cedar garden storage units. I ordered two cubbies and they  arrived in 3 days. I put both together in less than 2 hours.

Even though my old cutting table was hinged,  I kept the hinges and placed the open top on the two cubbies. After my husband and I found the best placement for stability, I measured to make sure that each where an equal distance apart. I used screws to from the top of the table into the wooden cubbied. I used three screws on the outside edge of each cubby.

cubby table

Bonus: Should I ever need to move these, all I will have to do is take out the screws.


With the cutting mat on top and the bins filled with art supplies I am getting lot’s of work done! I wouldn’t trade for any other table. It is perfect for me.


Until next time!



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