How I became the Metaphysical Quilter

When I first started the Metaphysical Quilter I was trying very hard to be taken seriously. Take a look at my first post:

By definition, Metaphysics it the study of the first principles of being and knowing. Quilting is a process of creating a whole by assembling pieces.In combining the two I am describing the process I use to both create my art quilts and to explore my own true nature on my journey to being and knowing I am spiritually whole

Homeless Yoga (L)12 x (W) 8 My first real art quilt

As a newbie in the competitive art quilting community I wanted to create a unique brand. and started using the name Metaphysical Quilter in 2010. I came up with name to reflect two life changing areas of study that I was  immersed in at that time: fiber art and spirituality.

I became aware of art quilting after a trip to the gynecologist’s office. On the coffee table in the waiting room was a copy of “Quilting Arts” magazine. On the wall was a sewn mixed media art piece enclosed in plexiglass. I noticed the that it was made by my Doctor and when I got into see her I asked about her artwork. My Doctor wrote down the name of a Colorado quilt group called Front Range Contemporary Quilters (FRCQ).

Quilting Arts Magazine

Quilting Arts Magazine

Over the next two years I purchased a  serious sewing machine, took many traditional quilt classes ( to learn the craft) and ended up finding my way to a meeting of FRCQ where I was exposed to some of the most important art quilters in the world. It was life changing.

Rumis Two Step_1

Rumis Two Step, in the Dare to Dance Book

FRCQ was where I grew into a art quilter. Some of my quilts have hung in local and national shows. I even have a quilt in a book called “Dare to Dance” by Mary Kerr. I am currently the regional representative for SAQA.

My study of metaphysics happen about the same time as my exploration of art quilting. I was raised a Catholic, but was not satisfied with following simple process of going to Sunday Mass and getting communion as my spiritual practice. I wanted to find a more engaging community. A group of friends were  looking to find a church and asked me if I wanted to join their Sunday search. So for several months we would go to different churches. After the service we would head out to breakfast and have lively discussions about what we thought.

Along the way we went to a a service at a Religious Science community called Mile High Church in Lakewood Colorado. I loved the service and was even more interested in the large number of classes, lectures and learning opportunities they provided. One of the members of my group called the it the “feel good” church.

Symbol for Religious Science

Symbol for Religious Science

While some of those friends chose to join a mainline church; I decided to further explore Religious Science.

I attended services and took classes at Mile High for many years.  During that period of study, my understanding of the bible and of God’s presence in the  world deepened. While I now attend Catholic Mass in my little town of Mesquite Nevada, I have a much different view of the nature of formal religion in my life.

Since that time  much of my life has taken a completely different direction.

What remains is my commitment to living full and rich creative life.

Until the next time!


ps. Happy New Year!