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Dream House
There is a scene in Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, where Myrna Loy is explaining her color choices to the painter.
 “I want yellow, not just any yellow.
Go to the store and get some really fresh butter and take it out in the sunlight. That’s the yellow I want.”
Of course the painter simply tells the assistant to go get yellow. If only Mrs. Blandings had a cell phone and pinterest board she would have gotten the color she wanted!


 I love Pinterest!

pinterest logo It’s a place that is combination of a reference book, a store for inspiration, recipe card file, and a glossy magazine on my favorite topics.

It is also a little bit of an addiction like visual crack……

The site was founded by an MIT graduate and former employee of Google’s marketing department. Ben Silbermann took to heart the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” and ran to the bank with it. (It is worth noting that Ben had two other partners who developed the site Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp.)


 Collecting images is the easy way to track all sorts of things which I want use in my life. For example, my board “Things I Shouldn’t Eat!” are pictures of foods that just look yummy. This board also has a link to a recipe. I can scroll through the images when I am looking to make something new. vintage pin

 I use Pinterest as an artist all the time. A board I use called “My Vintage Alter Ego” is a great place to store images which I use in collage projects. “Fabric” is a place I can actually track down fabrics I may use in art quilts. I have a collection of images for creating the perfect studio and I follow other boards on a variety of subjects.

 Pinterest was very helpful planning my daughters wedding. She pinned images of flowers, cakes, cupcake towers, invitations, etc… I looked at the boards and pinned our selections. This made going to a florist without the bride really easy. An image cannot totally be translated into words. Try telling the florist you want orchids in a kind of red violet with cream,and not too violet. It just doesn’t work.

A picture explains everything.



 Pinterest is also a great way to find out what visually engages people.

I have one image VW Fabric  of a VW Micro Bus fabric that is by far my number one pin. People repin this image all the time and I am interested in what makes this so visually engaging.

I am going to be editing my Pinterest boards to make the boards manageable as my own resource. Having more than 60 images is visual overload for me.


If you haven’t tried pinterest, what are your waiting for?

You can follow my boards at Margaret Abramshe .


Until next time!


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VW Bus Stuff We Discovered Today