It’s a Plan


Planning for a New Year

A favorite author, Donna Leon; said in an interview

“I write one page a day and by of the year I have written another book.”

Taking each day to accomplish something toward a larger goal is a strategy I employ. I no longer put all my energy on getting into one important exhibition. Instead I  work consistently in my studio each day, grow as an artist and apply to exhibitions that connect with the work I have created.

Creating a system to manage my goals has helped keep me on track. In the past I have used a dry erase blank month calendar that I update with classes, appointments, meetings, due dates, shipping deadlines and reminders.

 This year I wanted to have a more complete planning guide that would allow me to organize my work around larger goals and long term objectives.


I found a  perfect planner for setting long term goals: Day Designer.

The website describes this planner as
The  2019 Flagship Daily Planner helps busy women manage their schedules and tackle their to-do lists.  More than a productivity planner, this beautiful functional planner is the best tool to help you reach your goals.”

There are a variety of pretty covers and practical features.  The planner includes tabs for each month, stickers, a pocket file, laminated page of holiday dates and a ruler. It has both a monthly calendar and double page week with 7 lines for to do’s and descriptions. At the top of the week there was a place to write down the weeks top three goals.

The feature that caught attention was the first four pages that broke down the planning process in manageable steps with written inspirational prompts to help me think about what I  want to reach for in the next year. 

Page 1:
“Start with the Big Picture”.

The prompt encouraged brainstorming about the people you want in your life, what are non negotiables in your life, what matters most, and what you dream about.  Remember this page does not have to be filled out first. Consider creating a word of the year . Grow, Learn, Joy, Energy, Grateful, Connected..... 

Page 2
“Set your goals”.  

Goals were broken down in four components:  Personal, Family, Friends and Relationships, Heart and Spirit, Financial and Work, Career or Study. The space provided was modest  which made me keep it simple. I also taylored my goals to relate to art quilting. For example I want to connect with a larger network of fellow art quilter near me. 

Page 3
"Morning and Evening Routines"

Successful people have routines that support their larger goals. Each day reflects your priorities. I want to enter my studio in the morning even if it’s just to look at my design wall and return to the studio in the evening to clean up and set up for the next project. I also want to take a daily walk, read, pray and meditate.

Page 4
"Stay on Course"

On this page I can check in and give myself a pat on the back for taking a workshop, or averaging 10,000 steps a day, applying for exhibitions or writing an article. The little things count and being your own coach will help you focus on all the progress you have made during the year to grow as an artist and as a person.

edI hope this has help you get geared up for another year. I'm excited!

Until next time...