Lectures & Workshops

$300 for lecture
$500 6 hour workshop

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"My Portfolio and Process" The lecture will take the audience through the building of a portfolio of art quilts. Margaret's signature process of using photographic images, commercial printing and mixed media began in 2015. Since that time her portfolio has expanded from portraits from vintage photographs, to cell phone images taken on the fly. Her work has been included in over 40 exhibitions and have received several awards.

  • All Lectures include:
  • Question and Answer Period
  • Trunk show of artists' quilts (in person only)
  • A slide show of the artists' portfolio.


Learning Objective: Participants in this workshop will understand and apply design principles in a digital composition. 

Skills:Learning to use photo manipulation applications on their phone, iPad or laptop. Organize digital images by creating a projects folder. Resize digital images for printing. Create a design studio with a commercial printing vendor.

Outcomes: Participants will be fully able to order a digital image printed on commercial fabric to be used in an art quilt. 

For additional information contact metaphysicalquilter@gmail.com