Lectures & Workshops

All Lectures include:
Question and Answer Period
Trunk show of quilts which members can see her art quilts up close.
A slide show of the artists’ portfolio.
Workshops: 1 -2 days
Fees: $300 for lecture / $500 full day workshop
For additional information contact me at metaphysicalquilter@gmail.com

“Portfolio and Process” This lecture will take the audience through the building of a portfolio of art quilts. Margaret’s signature process of using photographic images, commercial printing and mixed media began in 2015. Since that time her portfolio has expanded from portraits from vintage photographs, to cell phone images taken on the fly. Her work has been included in over 40 exhibitions and have received several awards.

Workshop “Portfolio and Process” 1-2 days.
Participants will learn how to get a digital image printer commercially on fabric. This will include an understanding how to properly size an image for printing and basic digital manipulation. The hands on portion of the workshop will include Margaret’s method for painting over a digital image. (Preprinted images on cotton can be included for a modest fee) At the conclusion Margaret will share her technique for quilting painted surface and her approach to quilting figurative images.

“Lessons from an Art Teacher” Margaret spent her career teaching art in public schools. She holds a Masters and Bachelors degree in art and education. Using examples from her own work and images from art history, Margaret will explain how understanding design concepts is critical to a serious studio artist.

Workshop “Lessons from and Art Teacher”
Students in this workshop will come away from this workshop with a firm understanding of composition. The workshop will have a number of exercises to build a fluid ability to use the elements and principles of design in a composition. During the sessions the group will participate in gentle critic to reinforce their learning. Participants will have 4-6 small fiber art compositions.

“From Photo to Fabric” Since the invention of the camera in mid 1800’s to the present artists have gone beyond the mechanics of making an image. Today our phones can as much as with a basic photograph as a painter can with canvas. Margaret will provide a overview of using and manipulating digital images in the context of the art quilt. She will demonstrate several easy applications to transform any snapsh.

Workshop “From Photo to Fabric”
Bring your laptop or Ipad and dive into creating in the digital age. Participants will be taking a series of original photographs and learning how to select the best starting point. The group will be playing with a number of applications. By the end of the workshop each person will have at least three potential images ready to order and print onto fabric.
Quality Internet access is essential.