Lectures & Workshops

Lectures: 45 minutes to an hour with a question and answer period. Trunk show of quilts which members can see her art quilts up close. A slide show of the artists’ portfolio.

Lecture only $200
Lecture and 1 day workshop $750
(plus travel & lodging)

“Portfolio and Process” This lecture will take the audience through the building of a portfolio of art quilts. Margaret’s signature process of using photographic images, commercial printing and mixed media began in 2015. Since that time her portfolio has expanded from portraits from vintage photographs, to cell phone images taken on the fly. Her work has been included in over 40 exhibitions and have received several awards.
( Lecture can be paired with an all day workshop. Workshop will require Wifi access, participants to bring laptop or ipad, camera or cell phone . )

“Lessons from an Art Teacher” Margaret spent her career teaching art in public schools. She holds a Masters and Bachelors degree in art and education. Using examples from her own work and images from art history, Margaret will explain how understanding design concepts is critical to a serious studio artist.
(Lecture can be paired with an all day workshop:Visual Problem Solving. Participants will need to bring supplies to create a small art quilt. The class will focus on using design principles through evaluation. The class will respond to a mock call for entry.)


3 hour Workshop
Suggested fee $20 per student

Dip Your Toes into Art Quilting. This series of workshops are perfect for shop owners or traditional quilt guilds. Class Motto Use the skills you have and materials you own.  Learn some basics of composition. Most importantly: Come to play! Participants will be able to complete a small art quilt in a single session! Any Skill Level.

Scheduled Workshops:
St. George Utah
Sewing and Quilting Center
September 25th 10am – 1
October 16th 10am -1