My New “Newsletter”

I Launched a Newsletter!

Gregory Peck pictured reading a newspaper in a scene from the Oscar winning1960 film “To Kill a Mockingbird”


I miss reading the newspaper.

In Denver I subscribed to the “Rocky Mountain News”. It was in a tabloid format. I loved the shorter square that was like a magazine making it seem easier to read. In the summer (when I was not teaching) I could take my paper and my coffee to the back porch and spend an hour reading. Of course I had my favorite columns and editorial page writers, but I tended to wander around reading a variety of information.

That paper like many other papers ceased to exist in 2009. We are now in the era where a 800 word news story is captured in a 140 character tweet. The links to the full article are attached to that  short burst of information but according to an article in Buzzkeep you would need 10,000 followers to get 10 people to follow that link. So people are reading short bursts of information like I used to read a headline or title of an article and then deciding if they want more. 

Today I get my news from the PBS newshour, reading those twitter links from newspapers like the Washington Post or New York Times. My news consumption is like most people scattered and far from the days of opening a paper to see what happened yesterday. (#SAD)

My blog posts are about the length of a newspaper article: 500 – 800 words. Some of you seem to be interested in reading these few paragraphs from me a couple of times a month. I enjoy taking the time to reflect and sharing my thoughts with you.

An art quilt I created in 2015

My newsletter is designed for those people who want to select from what they want more information about or just glance to see what I am up too. I’ll have photo’s of recent work and information about where you can see one of my quilts in person. There will be a blurb about something I use or a video that’s interesting. The newsletter is something that I hope you will share with friends who might want to learn more about art quilting. 

Today  I am grateful there are so many ways to keep in touch, share my passion for art quilting and learn from others. Here are ways to you can connect with me. 





Online Gallery

If you have a blog, website, newsletter or other social media; let me know! The power to connect is vast in the 21st century; so why not take advantage. 

Until Next Time……

You can see my work…….

Under The Western Sun
The Macey Center 
Socorro, NM 
July 24 to September 11.

National Quilt Museum, Paducah Kentucky
June – September 2017
New England Quilt Museum
Lowell, Massachusetts  •  July 11, 2018 –  September 23, 2018

Sacred Threads

Flint Festival of Quilts, Flint MI – September 2017
HeART Gallery, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Toledo, OH – October 18-30, 2017
Grace Episcopal Church, Gainesville GA – November 1 – December 15, 2017
Voice of the Spirit Gallery, West Raleigh Presbyterian Church, Raleigh, NC January – February, 2018
Southeastern Quilt & Textile Museum, Carrollton GA – March-June, 2018
Good Shepard Episcopal Church, Hayesville NC – July, 2018
The Rectory Cultural Arts Center, Norcross, GA – August, 2018
Virginia Quilt Museum, Harrisonburg VA – September-December, 2018
Best of the Valley Quilt Show, Lindsay, CA – April, 2019
A World of Quilts , Danbury, CT – May 2019

Southern Utah Museum of Art
Cedar City Utah
June 30 – August 26 2017

35th Annual New Legacies
Lincoln Center
Ft. Collins, CO
July 5 – August 26

Interpretations: Conversations
Visions Art Museum
San Diego, CA
October 21 2017 – January 7 2018