News Letter



My  current screen saver is a picture of Charlie Brown and Linus looking up at a snowy sky leaning against a wall. I love Charlie Brown. He is that guy that we all loved because he was not a winner. His friend Linus is the wise sage who makes sense of the world. He waits to speak. His blanket is out of place for his character and yet it exemplifies an individual comfortable with themselves. We all have our blankets. Things that comfort us. 

Not all of our blankets are as harmless as Linus’s. Some comforts bring their own set of problems. So  why is it that Linus is able to find comfort that is harmless? His source of comfort is not hidden. It is out there for the world to see. He is not ashamed of needing to be comforted. Finally Linus’s lack of shame gives him the courage to accept himself and that’s where his wisdom comes from. Oh to be like Linus. 

I love the way the artist Charles Schulz paints a simple image with a spiritual subtext. The two characters looking at a storm create a scene of total peace. I rarely look at my emotional storms until they have passed. There is a lesson for me in that picture.: Stop. Look and find peace. 

I pasted the word “OBSERVE” over that picture of Charlie and Linus. I wanted to remind myself daily about the power in not taking action. So in 2022 I am going to take it all in and take the time to just look at the sky.

See the Beauty in 2022

Until next time…