News Letter

                                                                                                                                                       August 24, 2021

Dear Friends,

I am waiting anxiously for Fall. It’s the time of year when I can spend the morning outside in the garden, strolling around the park or diving into my little Art Yoga experiments on the patio. I post these daily in my stories on Instagram and Facebook. Check them out.

“Gdansk” won a Best of Show award in an exhibition called “Setting Sail”. The Brush Gallery in Lowell Massachusetts sponsored the show for fiber artists.  Gdansk is included in an upcoming article I wrote for Quilting Arts. My  article describes how to select and modify a photograph for printing commercially. Quilting Arts graciously sent this quilt to Massachusetts from their corporate headquarters in Golden Colorado. It will be back to me ( unless it sells) late September. 

My goal has always been to share my creative process. That was why I started online classes. After letting my online course subscription lapse, I am happy to announce that I now have no fee which allows access to all four of my courses. The courses are still just $25.  Course content is now and will remain downloadable. This means you can buy a course and store the videos on your computer. If you buy a course feel free to share it with a friend. I have uploaded two snippets of my first course on my YouTube channel. That’s free!

I’ll be working on my website this week to rearrange my galleries ,maybe add a video artist statement, direct links to exhibitions where my work can be seen in person, my Zazzle store where you can get a yoga mat, my online courses and my Spoonflower shop where you can buy Gdansk and other designs to include in your next quilt. My website will keep you up to date on all my creative endeavors .

I have four quilts heading to Houston, one in Chicago, and another in California. I have four quilts heading to Houston, one in Chicago, and another in California. Although my work has been travelling, I have been staying home. In October I will be heading to Houston IQF for the first time and then to my favorite gathering of art quilters at AQT. Maybe I'll run into you. 


Until Next Time.....