Nowhere to Go, but always something to do…

My travel is mostly in my imagination and on YouTube, but just because I don’t have anywhere to go doesn’t mean I am not busy.


As many of you know, I use “Spoonflower” to print my fabric. For the past 5 years my focus has been on photographic portraits and landscapes. Over the five years, my Spoonflower Design library is getting quite large. I decided to address the online clutter and found some of my first designs created at Art Quilt Tahoe in a class by Jane Dunnewold in 2015. 

I can’t remember the exact assignment, but I do remember there was a dusting of snow on the ground and I wandered around with my newly purchased camera taking photographs of rocks, pine needles and red branches with a hint of leaves left on them. These photographs were uploaded, resized, manipulated digitally to change their colors and turned in every direction. I printed a sample or two which I used for scarfs but never focused on making my own digital yardage. 

 As I organized my design library, these photo experimental fabric designs caught my eye. I placed them in a separate folder. The next step was to order a sample. When the samples arrived I was able to check the quality and place them in my online shop. My shop now has 8 designs with a goal of having many more on offer in the upcoming months. 

Designs by metaphysical_quilter

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This has been a learning curve for me. I have been able to figure this new world out with the help from my super tech savvy son and the wealth of information from connections within the art quilt community.

I also am using all the years of teaching experience in an art classroom to put together virtual workshops. I am using both familiar tools like PowerPoint and a new streaming application to record my computer screen while I am working in Photoshop. I be putting out more information about this project in early fall.

It’s learning that keeps me young and engaged.
I am experiencing the world very differently today than last year and it’s exciting!

(If you are interested in an online workshop, let me know at )


Until next time....