Setting up a Shop

I have been looking at quilts that are stored and selected some to sell. My approach to selling might be different than a typical artist.

  • I have never thought that the price of art has anything to do with its intrinsic value.
  • Money does not inspire me to create.
  • I do not link my success with any income my art generates.


The "value" of my art rests  completely in the process of making the art.


Since I retired I never focused on selling my art or my skills as a teacher. First I  focused on creating a portfolio. My next step was to enter SAQA exhibitions. Then I tried to expand my exhibit opportunities to include major quilt shows and some of the most competitive juried shows. I wanted to use the  feedback from judges to help direct my creative energy. The process of making art and entering in shows fueled my creative engine for several years. 

As my resume expanded  I wanted to reach beyond the exhibition audiences. My social media presence became more thoughtful and consistent. I created a YouTube Channel to share both my knowledge as a trained art teacher and my skills as an art quilter. I updated my website adding opportunities to for lectures and workshops.

When my inventory of quilts grew I thought about selling. Although  I tried some local galleries , I didn't find a good fit and continued to seek somewhere outside Utah that would attract audiences open to fiber art. My goal was not to produce income. My goal was to share my work with the largest audience possible. 

This year the world has shifted but my desire to share my work with a larger audience has not. Galleries are not seeing foot traffic. Workshops, classes and even guilds have shut down for a period of time. We are now fully in the virtual world where the audience is seemingly limitless.

To share my work and expand my connections I needed to change my focus from local to global. I have been working on launching online classes. (I will be on Teachable in the next few weeks, look for an announcement on my Social Media) In October I will be doing a Zoom lecture with Front Range Contemporary Quilters in Colorado. Any quilt guild or group can reach out and get a virtual lecture by me via Zoom. 

My gallery of work is also in the virtual space.  I have my fabric designs for sale in a spoonflower studio and now I am launching  an online Etsy shop to sell my quilts. The process of opening an Etsy shop was pretty easy. It was similar to Spoonflower’s Studio Space. I wanted to sell art quilts that had subject matter that would appeal to an audience who would find my work through the search engine within the platform. Hashtags leading  them to artists like me are a big help in building an audience.

Most of the initial items for sale were from my travel series. These quilts started with landscapes which I believe will attract a larger audience. I am selling quilts featuring Snow Canyon, Zion National Park, San Antonio and Italy.  I am pricing them at $380. It’s bargain priced because my goal is not income, it’s to share my work with the largest audience possible. 

Longer term I want to add some smaller work that originates with my sketchbook. This work is exciting to me because I am able to engage in creative play. As I finish these smaller quilts, I will be adding them to the shop. I haven't set a price yet but it will be super reasonable.

Join me in this new world. Check out my Etsy and Spoonflower Shops. Like my Facebook Page or Follow me on Instagram.  

It’s a new world. Let’s all dive in!

Until Next Time.....