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Just Can’t Quilt While the Sun Shines

It is hard for me to get studio work done when Springs arrives.

Snow Canyon Park is 12 minutes from my house. 

Now that I am in Southern Utah with a new home and a garden to plant, landscaping to improve, trees to trim  and a lawn to maintain spring takes me outside.

I really had a lull in my studio production that I only became panicked about when all my quilts  were out in shows or committed to shows. “How did this happen?”

As it turns out I was working on other tasks like…….
Being “Nana” to a perfect 1 year old who lives 4 hours away.
Taking a Mediterranean cruise.
Working on functional quilt projects.
Investing time for my critique group.
Working on my computer skills.

It all adds up to time away from production. …..Or does it?

Actually I am further ahead than I would have been if I stuck to slugging away in my studio. During this time I have been gathering ideas, collecting images and working on creating visually challenging compositions with the help of digital media.

In early March my husband and worked hard on getting our yard in shape. We trimmed bushes and trees that had been ignored for years. We hired a contractor to extend our garden wall. I put in a simple patio of red pavers, added new garden beds and planted pots.

During the process I discovered a great app that modifies images taken  by my iPhone. It’s called PicsArt. It can do typical edits like cropping the image , adjusting the contrast, or color. What is special about this app is the filters that completely transform a picture. It’s great fun to play with a phone photo while taking a short break from another project.

                                                   My phone is an “art tool”  

This spring I really explored the camera and the basic editor by forming a habit of collecting and editing images daily. Now this is an integral part of my artistic practice . I delete   more pictures than I take because I review and edit my saved images working to improve the quality of each composition.



A man walking near a Cathedral in Malta.

My husband and I went on a Mediterranean cruise in late April. Like all tourists I took lots of pictures but I also kept the habit of selecting and editing photos at the end of the day. During the excursions I discovered the value of a selfie stick as a very functional tripod. I began looking for people and places that would be more than documentation of a place. 

When I came home  and settled into a work routine I discovered a new line of inquiry. My current portfolio has been focused on using family portraits because they have an immediate subtext. As I look at my current file of potential projects I am included some of my daily photos.           

The tiny tourist on a swing in Sorrentino.

What binds this work together is my fascination with a story. There is a photo taken of me and our family dog Jimmy. It is the morning before we took in for his last visit to the vet. As you can see I manipulated the image but the story behind the project is my primary source of inspiration.

My last day with Jimmy


Now I have a very large selection projects. Some are  vintage family photos, others are pictures taken of people that I met on my travels and some are photos documenting my life. I am working harder on using digital software to push my own limits. 

Until next time….

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Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, Golden CO
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June – September 2017

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 July 7 – 23 2017 and Traveling through out the country!

Southern Utah Museum of Art
Cedar City Utah 
June 30 – August 26 2017

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April 28 – August 16 2017

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Poway Center for the Arts
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June 1 – June 24, 2017

35th Annual New Legacies
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Ft. Collins, CO 
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October 21 2017 – January 7 2018