The big idea in the studio.


As school started I would select a special quote from a great artist or thinker. 

 As a teacher I posted the quote near door where my students entered and exited each day as a reminder of that year’s big idea. When I taught older kids, I would introduce myself and my class with this quote. The quote helped me frame what I wanted to focus on in the art studio. In the corporate world you might call it the mission or vision statement.

I still love quotes and I play with them in sketchbooks and journals. Recently I purchased a book of quotes inspirational illustrated quotes by Lesley Riley. I like to keep the book in my studio to flip through when I need a little break. I also have a few small posters of artists quotes that are tucked in shelves to hide the paint I need to touch up and for me to rediscover when I am searching for materials.

Below are some quotes that I inspire me with their big ideas:

Connecting Art provides me an avenue to connect my learning and personal growth.

Dust off souls

When I am in my studio the stress of daily life disappears.

Mistakes tp keep
Embracing the mistake always leads me to new discoveries.

Get awy with
Start the day in the studio by first getting rid of the rules!

paint like a bird


Making art is an expression of my true self. 

Do you have a favorite quote?

Let me know what it is.

Until next time…….