What am I going to do?


Yesterday I heard my neighbor say

“I don’t know what I am going to do today?”

We has just moved out to the  little  town of Mesquite NV. Temperature right now is in the high 80’s with lovely cool nights. We live in no maintenance patio homes which look over beautiful mountains and encircle a golf course.  There is a pool and  gym just down the street. Sounds like heaven and yet for a person used to working two jobs there is the burning question “What to do?”


According to an article posted on the Daily Mail ,women have a harder time adjusting to retirement.  The study quoted in the article was done by the Skipton Building Society ( a British financial institution not unlike our credit unions). It’s study of 678 retirees concluded that 80% of men enjoyed retirement and 80% of women thought they had no longer were of value. More women felt lonely and were worried. med at work

Women reported placing a higher value on the social networks established in the workplace than men. Women retiring now are the first wave of a female workforce who have not spent a long period of time at home raising a family; as a result the office became their second home.A women’s  work family helped them through the tough times and helped them celebrate their successes.

Gender differences play a big role is being happy after work ends. Men see their role in workplace as completing tasks or to be blunt: Men see work as work!

Women see their work more often as being a member of team, a mission or adding value to the world. The disconnect for many women is that their self worth is tied (in part) to their supportive roles in the workplace and not to the tasks they performed.

Women at work

This quote from the article sums it up for me:

“There are no meetings, no problems to solve, no staff crises, no daily routine. For months I found myself checking emails and phone messages thinking that work would still need me. But they didn’t.”

Yes, there is nothing worse for a girl then not to be involved with drama! We have been raised to bond, to attach and to make everything better. Now that we are retired we have to disengage and live with few problems to solve.

The drama has ended, now what do we do……..

Yesterday I had a friend call and we reviewed all the issues going on at my old workplace. I had to admit; it felt good to hear the news, Some day soon that friend will also retire or they will stop calling to inform me about situations that do not affect me.

So what am I going to do to not be one of the unhappy retired women?

First I am going to get a life. Create some challenges and learn a little from the male perspective. I am going to be more task oriented and less emotionally attached. I am going to get some stuff done like organizing my small space, making some art, reading books, finding an exercise class that is fun, planning trips, writing this blog, etc……….

 Wish me luck!


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