Why am I the “Metaphysical Quilter” ?

As I hand out a business card that most frequent question I get is

"Why the "Metaphysical" Quilter". 

In truth I have to say that I decided on this moniker 10 years ago and did not fully think through my choice. But as time goes on I am becoming more attached to this name.

Metaphysical is by definition " a field of philosophy that is generally focused on how reality and the universe began." It is about the study of deep truths and big ideas.

In popular culture metaphysics is used in connection with new age spirituality. People in the new age culture have taken religion and spiritual study in a new direction. To those who worship in mainstream churches these new age worshipers may seem strange. Both groups however have many things in common. Most importantly both groups fully embraced the central idea of the existence of  God.

Art quilting has kind of a "new age" relationship with traditional quilting. Art quilters are taking the process of layering and stitching fabric together in new direction. The work of an art quilter is not bound by previous rules or not held to set standard. It is a wide open field of artistic expression.

Both traditional quilters and art quilters share a love of fabric, thread, craft and love of making. Quilters will always have something in common.

until next time....