Job Ready Certification Program

upGrad Campus’ Job Ready Certification Program equips any student with the most in-demand skills currently with regard to employability. We help students to bridge the gap between what they study during their degrees and its application in real time and prepare them to be future leaders of their chosen career path.

Network with Industry Leaders

By Experts

Placement Training Module

Identifying Skill Gap

Skill gaps are the primary reason students face employment issues. The program will help conquer your student's skill gaps and equip them with the most in-demand skills for a rapidly changing job market.

Outcome-Based Learning

Our program is goal-oriented and designed with excellent outcomes in mind. You can be assured knowing that the program outcomes will successfully bridge your student's skill gap to their dream job.

Mentoring By Experts

Students get a personalized mentorship opportunity with an industry expert who can guide them throughout the program and give them the best advice for navigating their careers.

Powerful Analytics

Every course, class, and student is distinct. That is why we have designed a set of versatile reporting tools that let you assess what matters the most to you while giving you the information you need to change teaching tactics and remediation successfully.

Implementing Acquired Skills

Our services do not end with the Job Ready Certification Program. Students need constant support and training to achieve their career goals. With upGrad Campus, institutes will be connected to relevant resources, so they can continue to upgrade themselves.

Interactivity and Assessment

We know keeping students motivated in their learning journey is easier said than done. Interactivity is the best way to enhance engagement, we have the latest features such as live polls and live chat to keep the students focused and engaged.

Technology Programs

Our technology programs include new age specializations in various fields

Management Programs

Our management programs include specializations in various upcoming fields

165+ Companies have hired from upGrad Campus

Disclaimer: The success of job placement/interview opportunities depends on various factors including but not limited to the

individual's qualifications, experience, and efforts in seeking employment. Our organization makes no guarantees or

representations regarding the level or timing of job placement/interview opportunities.

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